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Kid Count For Earthday Haiku WebFest

Earthday Haiku WebFest 2012

NOTE! Kids Count for Earthday Haiku Contest Has changed to the Earthday Haiku WebFest 2012

*This year we decided to do something a bit different! Instead of holding submissions, we are allowing teachers, parents and students to post their posme via the Kids Count For Earthday Facebook Page, For all contestants to read.

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This years sponsors of The Haiku WebFest are:
  • Haiku Society of America
  • With Words UK
  • Sketchbook Short Verse Journal
The WebFest is designed to combine the love of Earth with the sheer simple fun of writing Japanese haiku in English!
We call it the The 2012 "Kids Count for Earthday" Haiku WebFest because we want you to help all of us to learn how to keep the planet clean and healthy!

Sharing the love of EARTH , ART and POETRY!

Show the world you are a Planetpal!

The 2012 Kids Count for Earthday Haiku Webfest is in association with The Haiku Society of America; With Words, (UK); Sketchbook Haiku Journal (USA); and Planetpals (Worldwide) in partnership with the planet to bring the Earthday Haiku Webathon.

Kids will only need to count approximately 5-7-5 or use some combination of short, long, short syllables, to create their Earthday haiku.

The 5,7,5 count isn't mandatory but the rhythm of short, long, short is important. Also make sure that your haiku is a complete thought, using articles wherever necessary for a smooth flow.
Suggestions and links for writing haiku are listed further below (after the Haiku Society of America, Planet Pals, With Words, and Sketchbook logos).

Enjoy the challenge of writing modern haiku!

Best of luck!

Earthday Haiku WebFest


The contest theme is "What Earthday means to you".

Who Can Enter:

Children and young people aged from 7 years old right up to 20 years from the USA, UK and English Speaking Countries (including Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii; as well as Japan; Africa; India; Pakistan; Bangladesh; China; Middle East; and Australia; New Zealand and all other countries). If English is not your first language please do add an English language version of your haiku entry as well.


Age Groups: 
7-20 yrs old

PLEASE NOTE: This year all poems will appear on this FACEBOOK PAGE. Only Entries and no other posts are allowed on this page! Duplicate and unrelated posting will be removed.

  • Do not email entries!
    You must post:
  • Name
  • You must post the entries here
    *Must be posted by parents (for under age children) or teachers as a classroom list
For more information on Haiku Poetry go to the following pages:
For more detailed info:

Best of luck!

Entries must be e-mailed to:
Learn more about Haiku and Earthday:

Links to learning and teaching haiku to students:
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